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The United Church of Big Rapids

reVision: Be Open


What are “Spiritual Practices”?

As we enter the 90-day journey called the “Be Open” phase, we are encouraged to include spiritual practices into our daily living. What is meant by “spiritual practices”? According to our resources from the Center for Progressive Renewal, spiritual practices “provide intentional times for individuals to work alone or with others”. I think a key word here is “intentional”. In order for this reVision process to be most fruitful for us, we need to take intentional time to allow ourselves to become more focused, to become more aware of feelings and emotions during this time, and to become more open to God’s presence in our lives.

Though we meet as groups only about once every two weeks, that group time needs to be more than “just another meeting in our schedule”. There are many days in between during which we need to continue to grow with this process. We are asked to adopt one or several different spiritual practices along the way that best suit our lifestyle, and our own intentions for the journey.

You may already be engaged in a spiritual practice. You may want to add a new one, or need some ideas. Your leadership team and group guides have access to resource materials with many examples. Here are just a few suggestions from the Center for Progressive Renewal:


Though the “title” of this first phase is “Be Open”, I really see it as a process of becoming open, to prepare ourselves to consider new possibilities for the church, and that really requires more than our attendance. It requires our attention, and our intention.

Blessings for our journey,

Randy Vance