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reVision: Be Bold





Communications, Fellowship & Environment, Open & Affirming, Social Action

     Each reVision proposal team butterfly is emerging from its “chrysalis” and is preparing to fly to the Action Summit scheduled for September 29. The reVision leadership team invites us all to meet them at the top, to listen carefully to each team’s proposal presentation, ask questions, engage in discussion, and prayerfully discern which of the proposals  most

excites us and calls us to action.

     The Action Summit will begin in the sanctuary at 9:30AM when we gather together as the body of Christ to begin our movement toward the 3rd phase of reVision: implementation. The teams will have provided to us on the Sunday prior to the Summit (September 22) written summaries of their proposals so we will have had a week to reflect upon each before we begin the prioritization process.

     Starting at about 10:00 each of the four proposal teams will be given 20 minutes: 5-8 minutes to present its proposal and several minutes to answer any questions we have. During the time that remains, we will each answer for ourselves the following: Why do I like this proposal? How does it excite me and call me to action? How will implementation of this proposal inspire pride in myself, inspire pride in the congregation, and inspire pride in others with a vested interest in its implementation?

     By about 11:20 each of the four teams will have made its presentation, we will have engaged in questioning, and be ready for a break!

     And then comes the “Action” part of the Summit. This will look much like what we did during the Convergence Summit.  We will engage in four rounds of discernment.  During the first, each of us will move to the proposal that most inspired them. During the second, move to that which next inspired, and so on.

     Hopefully, at this point, a proposal has emerged as our “highest priority.” While we gather together after the Summit to share a meal, those most passionate about the highest priority proposal will be asked to become a member of the implementation team. It is important to keep in mind that no proposal has been eliminated and that implementation of the highest priority proposal might require time for the development of additional financial, human, or physical resources.

     And so...as we depart the Action Summit, our transformative journey continues