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The United Church of Big Rapids

reVision: Be Open


Preparing for the Convergence Summit, May 5th, 9:30 a.m., Fellowship Hall

Next Sunday, we will bring to a close the “Be Open” phase of our reVision program and begin the “Be Bold” phase. The Convergence Summit is designed to bring together our ideas and inspirations from our 90-day discernment journey.  Then, we will each get the chance to choose the idea, or group of related ideas, that speaks most personally to our hopes for the future of our congregation and its ministry. Whether or not you have been participating in the small group meetings, you are welcome and encouraged to attend.

We’ll begin downstairs in the Fellowship Hall at 9:30 a.m. Sit where and with whom you wish – we are not trying to re-assemble in our small groups. There will be singing, prayer, discussion, a sermon, communion, and a brunch buffet. Coffee, tea, water and light snacks will be available during the meeting time.

You should reflect on, and you will be invited to answer three key questions, that will each be the subject of a session during the morning:

What gifts are present in our congregation and our larger community?

What passions are present in our congregation and our larger community?

Hearing these, what are you inspired to do?

Though you may be able to list many answers to each question, at the appropriate time, we will ask each person attending to write down and submit your single most evident, most compelling, most personally meaningful answer to that question.

Following some thought and sharing time at each table, a table reporter will be asked to give voice to each statement, and the Leadership Team will collect all the answers, and gather them on large poster sheets.

Brunch will be served approximately 11:15. Following the meal, you will make your way up to the sanctuary, where your Leadership Team will have organized and assembled a display around the sanctuary highlighting the ideas generated during the morning’s activities. After a reconvening prayer and song, walk the sanctuary, look at and reflect on the ideas that you see. When you are ready, take a seat in the pew nearest the idea, or set of ideas, for which you feel the most energy, inspiration, or priority. This will help us all to see which ideas ought to be considered first in the next phase of our reVision process. We will set aside time for each group thus formed to collect names and contact information, to begin a very preliminary discussion among you why you were drawn to this idea, and to receive some instructions on how and when we will form, train, and commission the Proposal Teams for the “Be Bold” phase activity over the next 90 days.

Following a celebratory hymn and benediction, we plan to adjourn approximately 1:15 p.m.